Past Seminars- Differential Geometry

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  • Rares Rasdeaconu
    Tue Jun 5, 2018
    4:00 pm
    In recent years the scalar flat asymptotically locally Euclidean (ALE) Kahler manifolds attracted a lot of attention, and many examples were constructed. However, their classification is not understood, except for the case of ALE Ricci flat Kahler surfaces. In this talk, I will present a first step in this direction: the underlying complex...
  • Hung Tran
    Tue May 22, 2018
    4:00 pm
    A free boundary minimal hypersurface in the unit Euclidean ball is a critical point of the area functional among all hypersurfaces with boundaries in the unit sphere, the boundary of the ball. While regularity and existence aspects of this subjecct have been extensively investigated, little is known about uniqueness. That motivates the study of...
  • Tue May 8, 2018
    3:00 pm
    Lecture 1 Speaker: Otis Chodosh Time/place: Surge 284 3:40~4:30 Title:Properties of Allen--Cahn min-max constructions on 3-manifolds Abstract: I will describe recent joint work with C. Mantoulidis in which we study the properties of bounded Morse index solutions to the Allen--Cahn equation on 3-manifolds. One consequence of our work is...
  • Qiang Guang
    Tue May 1, 2018
    4:00 pm
    Free boundary minimal hypersurfaces are critical points of the area functional in compact manifolds with boundary. In general, a free boundary minimal hypersurface may be improper, i.e., the interior of the hypersurface may touch the boundary of the ambient manifold. In this talk, we will present recent work on compactness and generic...
  • Heather Macbeth
    Tue Apr 3, 2018
    4:00 pm
    By a gluing construction, we produce steady Kahler-Ricci solitons on equivariant crepant resolutions of C^n/G, where G is a finite subgroup of SU(n), generalizing Cao's construction of such a soliton on a resolution of C^n/Z_n.  This is joint work with Olivier Biquard.
  • Matthew Gursky
    Tue Mar 13, 2018
    3:00 pm
    In this talk I will describe a singular boundary value problem for Einstein metrics.  This problem arises in the Fefferman-Graham theory of conformal invariants, and in the AdS/CFT correspondence.   After giving a brief overview of some important results and examples, I will present a recent construction of boundary data which cannot...
  • Henri Roesch
    Tue Mar 6, 2018
    4:00 pm
    In the first half of the talk, we introduce a new quasi-local mass with interesting properties along null flows off of a 2-sphere in spacetime or, equivalently, foliations of a null cone. We also show how certain, fairly generic, convexity assumptions on the null cone allows for a proof of the Penrose Conjecture. On the Black Hole Horizon, we find...