Professor Michael Cranston of the UC Irvine Department of Mathematics and his collaborator, Professor Francis Comets from Université Paris Diderot, were awarded the Ito Prize 2015 for their paper titled "Overlaps and pathwise localization in the... more

UCI receives NIH grant to improve options for doctoral graduates across science-related careers

Dr. David Fruman, Professor of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry and Director of the Cellular and Molecular Biosciences Ph.D. program, was... more

The Department of Mathematics will begin the 2014-2015 Distinguished Lecture Series on November 5-6, 2014 with Professor Emmanuel Candès.

Professor Emmanuel Candès
Barnum-Simona Chair Professor in Mathematics and Statistics... more

Professor Alice Silverberg was recently awarded an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant of almost $800,000. The grant will be used to engage mathematicians and cryptographers in developing efficient and secure methods of computing on encrypted data... more

Artur Avila, Distinguished Visitor in April 2013, and Manjul Bhargava, Colloquium speaker in February 2014, were awarded Fields Medals at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul.

More information about the Fields Medal... more

Qing Nie, Professor of Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering, and Thomas Shilling, Professor of Developmental and Cell Biology, were recently award two National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants totalling $4.5 million to study birth defects... more

The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) Assessment of Teacher Education Program ranked UC Irvine's CAL Teach program as #1 in California, #1 in the Western Region, and #8 in the United States out of 890 Teacher Preparation Programs... more

Congratualtions to Professor Svetlana Jitomirskaya and Professor Daqing Wan for being named 2014 Simons Fellows in Mathematics.

Congratulations to Chancellor's Professor John Lowengrub on being named the SIAM Julian Cole Lecturer for 2014! John was recognized for "seminal contributions to fluid dynamics, materials science, and computational biology through the development... more

Mariano Franco De Leon was awarded the Miguel Velez Scholarship for Spring 2014 through a campus-wide competition.  Mariano entered the PhD program Fall 2010.  He received his MS degree March 2013. He is expected to advance to PhD candidacy... more