Kate Lynch (she/her/hers)

The Graduate Affairs Officer in the Department of Mathematics at UC Irvine has independent responsibility for the full range of administration of the graduate student affairs unit. This staff member acts as the primary point of contact for faculty, staff, students, Dean's office and central administrative units regarding graduate program/student matters. The graduate affairs officer provides counseling to current students on issues related to their academic progress, employment, and personal adjustments.


Charlie has primary responsibility for the management of all financial matters within the department, including analysis, preparation, and monitoring of the departmental budget, advising the MSO, faculty and other departmental personnel on financial issues, accounts payable and preparation of budgets for research grants and contracts within the department.

Jennifer dos Santos (she/her/hers)

Jennifer provides high level management for all facets of departmental operations. Her management responsibilities include establishing and directing management systems to assure overall control of all planning and operational activities. Functional areas include finance/accounting, contracts and grants, academic and staff personnel, instructional program administration, graduate and undergraduate affairs, facilities and space management, administrative and technical support services, safety compliance, and program development.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Jezelle Independently coordinates the Undergraduate Affairs Program in the Department of Mathematics. Jezelle Advises students on academic policies and enrollment, organizes and coordinates undergraduate recruitment activities and outreach programs including the coordination of Regional and State competitions for MATHCOUNTS. Jezelle Works with the Vice Chair of Undergraduate Study on course planning and enrollment issues and interprets and implements both Campus and Department policies and procedures relating to the Undergraduate Program.

Ingrid Richey

Ingrid Coordinates the Front Office functions and is also the department website coordinator, and maintains the department’s space and equipment inventories. She also assists the MSO and staff with coordination of programmatic activities and events. She's responsible for coordinating and performing administrative functions for the Mathematics Department; including preparing correspondence and instructional materials, purchase department supplies, and serves as liaison with school and campus computing offices to facilitate computer support for department faculty and staff.

Stacy Mason (she/her/hers)

Responsible for providing on-going high-level analysis on all academic personnel functions in the Department of Mathematics including recruitment, search/affirmative action, appointment, salary administration, annual review, merit, promotion, sabbatical, international relations, grievance, layoff and collective bargaining unit issues. Develops and implements procedures related to personnel functions within the Department.

Gena Thompson

Gena is responsible for financial reimbursements and faculty purchasing, assisting with contract and grant proposals and financial budget preparation and other processes related to departmental operations including academic personnel reviews, recruitment and undergraduate/graduate program administration.

Donald Orr

Donald provides the primary analytical and administrative foundation in all matters related to staff personnel and payroll management for the Department of Mathematics. He independently interprets policy and develops/implements procedures to ensure compliance and support of effective departmental operations. He is independently responsible for the coordination and management of merit and promotion dossiers for academic senate members within the department and prepares and manages all payroll actions for academic, staff, and undergraduate student employees in an independent manner.

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