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Name Contact Position Research Areas
Martin Zeman
410E Rowland Hall
(949) 824-1270
Faculty Logic and Foundations
Yue Zhang
510V Rowland Hall
(949) 824 - 5541
Visiting Assistant Professors
Xiangwen Zhang
510D Rowland Hall
(949) 824-3156
Faculty Geometry and Topology
Kai-wei Zhao
440V Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Hongkai Zhao
510C Rowland Hall
(949) 824-5420
Faculty Applied and Computational Mathematics, Inverse Problems and Imaging
Meng Zhao
Rowland Hall 476
Visiting Professor
Weian Zheng
340 Rowland Hall
(949) 824-5503
Emeriti Faculty
Yimin Zhong
Postdoctoral Scholars
Jiawei Zhou
410V Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Peijie Jhou
Xiaowen Zhu
410V Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Gregory Zitelli
590 Rowland Hall
Graduate Student Probability