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Name Contact Position Research Areas
Martin Zeman
410E Rowland Hall
(949) 824-1270
Faculty Logic and Foundations
Lihua Zhang
Postdoctoral Scholars
Xiangwen Zhang
510D Rowland Hall
(949) 824-3156
Faculty Geometry and Topology
Qiqi Zhang
440U Rowland Hall
Visiting Researchers
Yongchao Zhang
Rowland Hall 510A
Visiting Researchers
Kai-wei Zhao
440V Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Hongkai Zhao
510C Rowland Hall
(949) 824-5420
Faculty Applied and Computational Mathematics, Inverse Problems and Imaging
Meng Zhao
Rowland Hall 476
Visiting Professor
Weian Zheng
340 Rowland Hall
(949) 824-5503
Emeriti Faculty
Yimin Zhong
Postdoctoral Scholars
Jiawei Zhou
410V Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Xiaowen Zhu
410V Rowland Hall
Graduate Student
Gregory Zitelli
590 Rowland Hall
Graduate Student Probability